What Is Zero Gravity Chair – Benefits And Features 2020

Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair allows you to feel weightless when it’s tilted to the back at an angle range. Your body will be close to a lying-down position with your legs above your heart level. In this position, you are said to be experiencing “zero gravity” because most of the weight is taken off your back. In short, you will feel light and weightless. Their origin dates back to NASA when the astronauts needed to recline their body position in such a way their legs are higher than their heart level during a takeoff. Even chiropractors (spine specialists) and physiologists support the use of these chairs for its many health advantages.

A zero gravity chair is also known as a zero-gravity recliner or anti-gravity chair.

Benefits And Features

Benefits And Features of zero gravity chair


High Comfort Level

You will know the real difference when you actually sit on one. Your resting capability will be maximized this way. You get more rest for a shorter period of time. Usually, it is made of leather with foam inside. Therefore, you have an amount of padding when sitting down upright or in a reclined position. All of your pressure points will be eliminated. Your weight will be distributed evenly across your body.

Lowers blood pressure

Your heart does not have to work so hard when sitting in a zero gravity position. This is because your legs are held higher than your heart level, making your heart pump blood more easily. When you are sitting in an upright position, blood circulation (from legs to heart) is affected because of gravity’s effect.

This is why a zero gravity chair is great for people who have hypertension (high blood pressure). People who have this hypertension condition are at risk of developing heart disease or stroke due to high blood pressure.

Eliminates back pain

You will feel very comfortable because the pressure is taken off your lumbar (back spine). This is because when you are in an upright sitting position, your spine is compressed due to gravity’s effect. You can relax and watch your favorite channel on the television with perfect back support, keeping your spine in a neutral position.

Cure muscle tension

This is especially true for your back, shoulder, and neck muscles. Simply sitting and having support from the chair could relax the mentioned muscle areas. Your muscles don’t have to work that hard, thus, making your feel relaxed.


The design of zero gravity chairs helps you minimize your risk of over-straining certain parts of your body, especially your back. This reduces stress on your back.

How to Buy?

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If you have just recovered from back surgery, you have to consult your doctor first before buying one.

If you want to buy a zero gravity chair, you should follow the following research before buying.


They do not come cheap. A chair of such design and quality could easily cost you well over $1000. But the price does come with a lot of health benefits.


Testing a zero gravity chair is like trying to buy a new pair of shoes. You might find some models to be too narrow or too long for you. Try sitting in your favorite posture and notice what you feel. Is there any difference? Sometimes, it could take a while for you to get used to it. Be sure to take your time while testing a specific model. Don’t let the salesperson rush your decision.

While trying the chair, be sure not to slouch! You should maintain a good posture every time. Make sure your lower back touches the surface of the chair’s backrest.

In the fully reclined position, put your arms on the armrests. See if you can rest them properly at any given recline angle.

Some of these chairs come with a lumbar pillow that can support your lower back. This is because our backs are naturally arched when we are sitting in a rather upright position.

Fabric and Material

You can choose between leather and suede. Typically, suede will be cheaper. It is the common material for lounge chairs or sofas. You will want to go for leather because you are already investing highly in a zero gravity chair. Why not go all the way for leather? The leather keeps you cool during hot days and keeps you warm during the cold. It feels elegant too. But if you prefer the suede material, be sure to run your fingers on it.

If your finger marks are heavy, then you know that the suede quality is low. The good suede fabric should only leave slight finger marks. The main difference between the two fabric materials is the surface texture, giving different feel, which depends on the individual’s taste.

Most chairs are padded with memory foam. What does this mean? It is a special foam that remembers your body contour and unique shapes, adding comfort. The next time you sit on it, your body will adjust and conform automatically to the chair immediately.

Manual or Electric?

Both of these types offer the same benefits as they are both zero gravity chairs.

For manual chairs, you use a lever to adjust your reclining angle position.

Electric chairs have the convenience of you controlling the chair by using a remote control. This way, you can control the leg rest individually too. The difference between manual and electric chairs is just a few hundred dollars.

Massage Feature

Do you want to be massaged? If you are already thinking of a massage chair, why not get a zero gravity massage chair? Combine both the “zero gravity” experience and massaging together in a single chair unit!

Zero gravity chairs with the massage feature are rather much more expensive. Be ready to invest 3 times the original cost of a non-massaging zero gravity chair.

Check Headrest and Leg Rest

You want an adjustable headrest for your neck. Otherwise, there’ll be a void or empty space below your neck.

All zero gravity chairs come with leg rests. You can put rest your calf muscles (lower legs) this way. For taller people, you might want to have the foot extension at the end of the leg rest. Some taller people might even find their feet to be dangling freely and report that it’s not comfortable. For this reason, sit on the chair longer when you are testing it.

Weight Limit

Check whether your body weight exceeds the product’s weight limit or not. Most high-quality models have very sturdy with strong bases (hardwood). So this is not a major problem. But you must check before buying, just in case.

Ask for warranty

The chair’s extreme comfort can make you very relaxed, but always ask for the warranty before buying one! Usually, companies give you a few years of warranty and some only a few months.

Ask in detail which parts are covered in the warranty. Ask the salesperson whether you need to purchase an extended warranty to cover more parts and increase the duration of the warranty.

You should be able to find this information in the product manual.


Guarantee and warranty are not the same. If your chair is guaranteed, then the manufacturer can replace the entire chair for you, giving you a new unit. If your chair is under warranty, then the manufacturer will repair or replace the chair’s specific parts.


You could fall asleep very quickly due to the high level of comfort as many people have reported this!


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