Top 4 Best X Rocker Gaming Chair

The Best X Rocker Gaming Chairs

The best X Rocker gaming chairs are creating great vibes all across the video games fraternity. They have given a new dimension for the gaming buffs to explore their entertainment in a much-optimized way. There is variety, style, options, and everything else that can add to the excitement. The best X Rocker Gaming Chair with an audio system is the most talked-about chair in the domain. It has got everything that you want to be in fully loaded gaming chairs.

Below We have discussed Top 4 Best X Rocker Gaming Chair

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01. X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Chair, Black with Red Piping Review

best X Rocker gaming chair 5172601 Gaming Chair
The more you explore the video game chairs, the more confused you get. It is because of diversity in the variety and options of the chairs available. But it doesn’t mean that you should compromise over the quality. There are plenty of them which are top class in all aspects.
The X Rocker 5172601 Gaming Chair Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black with Red Piping is one such thing that has got everything that you might be looking for in a top-class gaming chair. It is feature enriched with a very nice and comfortable design for enjoying hour’s long sessions. [best X Rocker gaming chairs]

The Features that matter:

There are plenty of outstanding features which are given below for your consideration for The Best X Rocker gaming chairs: 
  • This one comes with a couple of speakers on either side along with a subwoofer using the Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology.
  • The system has Bluetooth capability as well, which is its Unique Selling Point (USP). It is compatible to pair up with any device having the Bluetooth compatibility.
  • The backrest has an ergonomic design with a racing-inspired posture which is suitable for hours-long gaming sessions or musical marathons.
  • The users will get separate volume and bass controls to have the sound adjusted right in the comfort of the seat.
  • The seat can be used for gaming, reading books/ paper, watching TV, listening to music, or just relaxing.
  • It can be used with PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 and also Xbox 1 if you have an HDMI splitter or a connecting adapter for it.

The Positives of the Equipment:

There are plenty of advantages which are mentioned below:
  • The sound system of this best X Rocker gaming chair is outstanding. It has 2 speakers on either side and also has a subwoofer. The quality of the sound is endorsed by using the Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology.
  • You will rarely see Bluetooth compatibility in such equipment and this is just one of them with a productive Bluetooth option. It can pair up with any Bluetooth device with ease.
  • The backrest is ergonomically designed and the comfortable posture on the seat will enable you to enjoy hour’s long sessions without any stress or fatigue.
  • The best X Rocker gaming chair can be used for multiple purposes such as for music listening, book/ paper reading, or just for having a relaxing time on the unit.
  • The control panel is full of useful features. It has multiple input/ output jacks and also has separate controls for volume and bass.

The Negative Points About The System: 

The below-given points about this The Best X Rocker gaming chairs can be a bit of concern for the buyers:
  • The seat first few days will be very comfortable, but the padding starts to vanish in just a few weeks, which makes it less desirable for long term usage.
  • The chair is compatible with several popular game consoles, but not Xbox which is a huge setback as there are plenty of Xbox users too.
  • The chair is too heavy to move around the house with ease.


The chair has plenty of quality options that make gaming, or the music listening to an absolutely enjoyable experience. The Bluetooth compatibility, rocking capability, and sound system is its big plus. On the other side, the heavy unit and the deteriorating padding quality with usage are some of the concerns to worry about. [The Best X Rocker gaming chairs]

02. X Rocker 5142101 Commander 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker 5142101 Commander 2.1 Video Gaming Chair
The X Rocker is a fabulous manufacturer that comes up with really cool and feature enriched designs for video game enthusiasts. This X Rocker 5142101 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair is nothing short of class. It looks dapper from a distance and a closer look will give you an impression of top-quality chairs with all the features that you will be expecting in such equipment. The ergonomic design allows you a comfortable and relaxing experience while you are using it for a lot of other purposes besides just gaming. [The Best X Rocker gaming chairs]

The Features to Look For:

The following are the main features of the system which you must check:
  • This X Rocker Gaming Chair can be used for listening to music, watching TV, book reading or just for relaxing.
  • The Audio Force Modulation Technology (AFM) technology-enriched 2 speakers and subwoofer gives outclass sound captivation experience.
  • This one comes with highly durable and comfortable polyester seating which remains cool after hours of use.
  • The chair is capable of playing sound from any source that has got either RCA outputs or the headset.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed which is slightly elevated with armrests to give you a much comfortable posture while interacting with the screen in front.

The Best Things About The System:

The following are the top advantages that you will gain from this best X Rocker gaming Chair:
  • This versatile piece of technological furniture will give you multiple benefits. It can be used as a video game rocker, for TV watching, reading a book, relaxing and listening to music.
  • The sound system is outstanding with its 2 speakers and a subwoofer using the Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed with comfortable back support and armrests. You will also have the luxury of tilting and swiveling the chair as per your comfort.
  • The outer covering is made from polyester which is durable and will keep its cool during hours of use.
  • The control panel on the side is full of options. You will have the input/ output jacks and separate controls for volume and bass.
  • Compatible to Xbox 360 and also for Xbox 1 but not directly rather you would need a cable to connect to it as it’s HDMI compatible. It can be used with PS3 and 4.

The Downsides of The System:

There are a few negative concerns about this best X Rocker gaming Chair which are given below:
  • The armrests are not up to the mark as they constantly fall off.
  • The chair is not a good deal for the tall people due to its limited back.
  • The cushioning deteriorates in comfort after a few weeks of use.
  • The headrest is a bit too hard to place your head comfortably for an hour’s long gaming session.
Despite the negative sides, this is one of the best video gaming chairs that you can have. It could have been much better if the headrest, cushioning and the armrests were a bit more productive. The speakers and the overall sturdiness of the chair make it an excellent option for the users.

03. X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag

X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair
It is not always about choosing the right video game console for your gaming enjoyment. But it is also about the gaming environment. And more importantly, the seating platform that you use during your leisure gaming sessions. There are lots of options in choosing versatile video gaming chairs.
Where the X Rocker 5171101 Sound Gaming Chair is one of the best chairs that you can think about purchasing. The best X Rocker gaming chair is the top manufacturer for producing the topmost gaming chairs. This X Rocker is nothing short of class and substance.

Important aspects to consider about X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair:

A number of things come in the mind of potential buyers when they are considering purchasing such a system. For this reason, a number of aspects are overlooked as well. The following are the most noteworthy aspects of this X Rocker gaming chair.


Compatibility with the different video game consoles is the first thing which the game buffs should look for. This is compatible with PS 3, Xbox, and Xbox 360. Moreover, you can also hook it with your DVD, Satellite Receiver, TV, PSP, and a number of other devices.


The chair has wireless connectivity. It is, of course, an amazing advantage. As you can enjoy your games without the hassle of managing the associated wires that connects your chair with the gaming console.

Unique Selling Point

This video game chair has the capability to vibrate as well. This is one of the most useful features which the advanced game enthusiasts understand. It makes the games even more enjoyable while the chair vibrates in synchronization with the game.

Sound System

The sound system is of top quality which has got two speakers installed on either side. There is also an excellent sub-woofer. The AFM technology is there with a 2.1 sound immersion experience which is par excellence.


It is a versatile system which you can also use for listening to music, reading purposes, watching TV or just for relaxing.

The Limitations to Ponder About:

There are a few limitations, flaws, and drawbacks associated with this gaming seating platform. These things you must consider before considering it the best option for making a purchase. The following is a brief account of some of the limitations and drawbacks:
  • Limited Compatibility – PS 4 and Wii are considered to be popular gaming consoles. But this chair doesn’t support them which is a big setback for such a high-quality product.
  • Height Limitations – The chair is not big enough from the backrest to support anyone above 6 feet in height. People over 6 feet could use it but wouldn’t have the best comfort level.
  • Flimsy built – Some of the parts are of a flimsy plastic-type, which are prone to break soon especially around the control panel area.


The chair overall has a good built which has several quality features such as, vibration and wireless connectivity. The compatibility of the chair is a bit of an issue. As it doesn’t support the latest PS 4 and Wii platforms. Otherwise, it is a good option to invest in.

04. X Rocker 51491 Extreme III Rocker Chair With Audio System

X Rocker 51491 Extreme III Rocker Chair

The Most Prominent Features:

The following are the most prominent features of this X Rocker video game chair:
  • The seat can be used not just for video games, but also for relaxing, reading, TV, or for music entertainment.
  • The equipment is equipped with 2.0 stereo speakers that give you an outstanding surround sound experience while you are playing games or having some multimedia entertainment.
  • Music can be enjoyed from any source having a headset or maybe the RCA outputs.
  • The design of this X Rocker gaming chair is ergonomic with complete back support.
  • You will have the luxury of a headrest along with side facing speakers.

The Much Talked About The Positives of The System:

They are enormous in numbers besides just the affordability factor. The following are the best that you will get from the chair:
  • People want comfort with such systems and this one is outstanding with its ergonomic design and a comfortable headrest.
  • The 2.0 stereo speakers are the Unique Selling Point of this equipment which gives a top-class surround sound experience.
  • This is a multi-use chair which can also be used for reading, watching TV, listening to music or just for relaxing.
  • The package comes with cables that will allow multiple other players to hook up with the same game that you are playing. So, added fun with an affordable package.
  • The foam-backed polyester material covering is durable and promises to serve you for a longer time.

The Negatives:

Like any other successful piece of such technologically advanced gaming chair, it has a few negatives as well which are given below:
  • The seat isn’t too spacious and would be a congested place to sit for the tall and wide people. It isn’t suitable for anyone over the height of 5’8”.
  • The design is ergonomic but the material is a kind of hard plastic. You will start getting uncomfortable if seated for long sessions.
  • The headrest comes with a little bump which supposedly has to work as a compress pillow but it is too hard for having a comfortable feeling.


This X Rocker chair is an absolute class in terms of its style, features, and comfort. The multiuse nature of the seat is quite a productive option for users. It might not be the one for taller and wider people due to its limited size but worth a deal as a video gaming chair perfect for gamers.

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