A Complete Guide to Find The Best X Rocker Gaming Chairs in 2020

X Rocker Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Gaming Chair is one of the most widely sought after gaming chair. There are many other makes of gaming chairs but not many give the kind of experience enjoyed while playing your favorite video games with the X Rocker. They immerse you into the gameplay with the ergonomically designed rocking chair with cinematic sound experience. It also comes with connections for your mp3 player, TV, Cd player, etc.
The X rocker also has a powerful subwoofer that is second to none in the gaming experience. Once you play your favorite video game with it for the first time, you will wonder why you have not done so earlier.

The X Rocker has the following features:

  • Foldable construction for ease of storage and portability
  • Side Control panel with volume, bass control, Vibration control, input and output jacks
  • Ergonomic design with full back support
  • Hardwood Frame construction with dual-layer foam cover for extra comfort
  • Easy to clean, heavy-duty upholstery.
There are different models of it ranging from the X Rocker II to X Rocker Pro. They can be used by both young and old although there is the X Rocker junior variant which is for younger ones this does not mean they are unable to use the adult-sized one. The chairs vibrate on demand. This is particularly good when playing racing games. You feel the Vibration when moving at top speed that simulates driving Formula One Car. Because of the different models available, the prices vary as well but there are all types available according to the size of your budget.
When it comes down to the selection of the best gaming chairs, then X Rocker is the premium brand name that you can think about. It offers class, variety, and versatility in the products to cater to the diverse needs of the video gaming buffs.
X Rocker Gaming Chair

The Visual Appeal:

Visual appeal is the first thing that clicks your mind and you decide, whether to look further down into a particular product or just move on. The video gaming chairs which are visually attractive usually have some excellent features too, and such good looks synonymously mean comfort to the X Rocker gaming chair buyer.

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The X Rocker Gaming Chairs that suits and fits all:

The X Rocker gaming chair offers great compatibility with several video game platforms.
The 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 X Rocker gaming chair is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, etc. This is preferred by the users for its versatility and giving great wireless connectivity to the gaming console.
The wireless connectivity of the X Rocker gaming chair is dependent on your TV, which must have an RCA stereo output. This X Rocker Pedestal gaming chair has an ergonomic design, and also has the gunstock arms to enjoy the shooting video games.
Similarly, the X Rocker 51259 Pro and the X Rocker 51396 Pro series from the manufacturer, are good options for having the diversity in their features. Both have wireless connectivity with all popular platforms. Also, both have got an excellent 2.1 AFM sound technology-enabled sound system along with subwoofers.

The value-added features:

The compatibility of the gaming chair with the gaming platforms, wireless connectivity, and the sound system, etc are considered as the basic features of these chairs. There are some value-added features as well. These add great attractiveness to the units. The X Rocker gaming chair which includes the models 51259 and 51396 do come with the vibration capability.
It allows you to not only enjoy but also feel the different moves played by the characters or objects in the video game. Then, the ease of using the control panel is something which is standardized by the manufacturer, to find on the side of your chair. This makes it very easy to operate while sitting on the platform.

The ergonomics and height/ size constraints:

The ergonomics is the one major thing that the gaming buffs look for the most. Using standard chairs for long gaming sessions can be very tiresome and stressful. The padded headrest and the comfortable armrests are something that every gamer wants. In this regard, the X Rocker 51396 and the 51259 again beat all other models for the best comfort. They are good with their height and people with 6 feet height will find it comfortable.
The X Rocker 5142101 also has the same design, but slightly lower backrest. The X Rocker 51396 model is the only one to support 300 pounds weight while all other products are sturdy enough to accommodate 250 pounds.
Now that, you have got what you need, you can enjoy the best features and enjoy your gaming time in an extraordinarily fun way.

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