Top 2 Best Human Touch Massage Chair

Best Human Touch Massage Chair

Massage chairs are designed to provide users a relaxing massage at home so they can feel relaxed and release stress after a long day. For people who often find themselves tired or those who face constant episodes of pain or fatigue, an at-home Human Touch massage chair can prove to be a worthy investment if selected carefully. Between the various different types of massage chairs available on the market, users can choose from different massage techniques to a variety of convenient features. Here is a detailed review of the two best human touch massage chairs available in the market, which can help users decide which of these chairs is best suited to their particular needs.

Human Touch massage chairs usually look like simple recliners at first glance but they are actually designed with intuitive remote-controlled sensors fitted within to give the user a therapeutic massage. Human Touch technology is a relatively new robotic massage technology that replicates the hand movements of professional massage therapists effectively. This is done so that the right muscle groups and sensitive pain areas are targeted effectively, bringing relief and alleviating stress.

While there are several massage chairs available featuring Human Touch technology, here is a review of two robust and effective chairs we have picked based on customer reviews and ratings: the iJoy 2580 Robotic Massage Chair and the HT 5040 Massage Chair.


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IJOY 2580 Robotic Massage Chair


IJOY 2580 Robotic Human Touch Massage Chair


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Other than the Human Touch technology, the iJoy 2580 massage chair also includes various other high-end features to deliver a complete and professional-level massage. The chair offers three different massage programs, all offering 15-minute therapy.

These massage programs target different areas of the body for massaging such as the entire, lower, or upper back. The powerful recline and the armrest-embedded controller makes it convenient to use the chair without difficulty. This Human Touch massage chair also features wheels to make it moveable, a cup holder, and a removable pad that can be used to control the massage intensity.

The Good and the Bad from the Users

Not really being a new product, the iJoy 2580 Robotic Chair has a large customer base that has reviewed its performance. On Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers, this chair has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, definitely one of the top ratings in this respective category.

According to the positive customer reviews regarding this Human Touch massage chair, it uses high-quality leather and offers a relaxing design and therapeutic massage.

The users have found this Human Touch massage chair to be extremely well-built and long-lasting as many of them have been using it for years. While most customers find the chair extremely functional and useful, a few have some complaints about the design.

They find that the chair is somewhat small in size, which makes it good enough for women but not so spacious for men. Another feature lacking in this chair is a proper footrest, making it difficult for users to relax their feet while they are leaning back on this chair.


Most massage chairs currently available on the market are priced well beyond $2,000 as they are typically high-end products. The iJoy 2580 Human Touch massage chair comes at a much lower price of $1,099.00, which isn’t exactly cheap but worth the investment.

Moreover, you may find it at retailers like Amazon at a well-discounted price with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For the functional features this chair has to offer, 3 different massage therapies, it is indeed worth every cent paid.

HT 5040 Massage Chair


HT 5040 Human Touch Massage Chair


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HT 5040 is another Human Touch massage chair that performs exceptionally well. This massage chair can deliver 3 different 15-minute massage programs in 5 different settings, including rolling, compression, percussion, kneading, and percussion plus kneading.

The chair offers a complete, almost 180* recline, and foot and calf massage options for all three programs. With four rollers and three motors, the massage therapy of this chair is powerful and as close to the actual human-hand experience as possible. It also allows area-specific programs for users who need a special massage in high-tension areas like the lower back or between the shoulder blades.

The Good and the Bad from the Users

Again, this Human Touch massage chair has been in the market for a long so it is easy to know how people who have used the product find it. According to the positive reviews, the chair performs exceptionally well, delivering a professional-level massage.

The users find they can fit the massage setting according to their own height to get a complete massage. The chair is also long-lasting, working well for years without any problems. Users also say it is an extremely lightweight chair in comparison to the competitors, increasing its portability.

The only trouble that users have with this Human Touch massage chair is the short length of the footrest, which means if you are not very tall, your feet would be hanging off the chair, making it somewhat uncomfortable.
Also, one user-specified that people who have a knee pain problem should not use the full stretch program of this chair as it can cause pain to the knee. Other than that, the users have found it a remarkable chair in every aspect.


HT 5040 Human Touch massage chair is a high-end product that comes with a price tag of $2,599 with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. It may also be available at a discounted price on Amazon. Although it sounds expensive, it is definitely worth the additional dollars you pay compared to iJoy 2580 due to the added massage features it has to offer.


IJOY 2580 OR HT 5040 – Which Is Best?

The decision regarding which Human Touch massage chair depends on what buyers are exactly looking for. In terms of functions and features, HT 5040 is a clear winner with all the added massage options and full recline it has to offer.
However, its price can put a damper on most people’s budgets. iJoy 2580, on the other hand, has some simpler massage options to offer that does not allow for much customization but it is still good at its basic function: giving a therapeutic massage. The price of this chair is almost half of the HT model so it is definitely a good option for more budget-conscious buyers.


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