How to Choose the Best Office Chair For Back Pain? Top 4 Suggested Office Chairs

Best Office Chair For Back Pain

Sitting on a Best Office Chair For Back Pain for long hours can be hectic for most people. Especially, for those who have to work consistently using a computer while staying in their seat, it becomes even more problematic. In such cases, the fatigued muscles can cause a lot of issues within a human’s body and can hurt the overall health of a person.
The influence of the fatigue caused due to prolonged work hours can become even more disturbing when a person has a genetic susceptibility of developing joints and muscle tissues. [best office chair for back pain]
Also, people having arthritis, osteoporosis, and spine-health issues will be under great pain and pressure if they have to work consistently for many hours. The same condition can result in severe pain in the back and shoulder area and may result in constant back pain. One of the most commonly known factors in worsening such instances is the use of an inappropriate Best Office Chair For Back Pain.
If you have got the best office chair for back pain and the chair has the correct posture and features and an ability to support the vertebral column in its natural shape, then the fatigue factor and the resulting pain can be avoided for sure.
Best Office Chair For Back Pain


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So, here are a few important things you should be knowing before buying the best office chair for back pain.

Height Adjustment features

The first and one of the most important features you will have to look for is the extent to which the height of the chair and its components can be adjusted. The components include the backrest and the armrest and also to what extent the overall height of the chair can be adjusted. It is because the chair that is rigid and cannot be adjusted according to the size of a person’s body cannot be a better choice because it may or may not fit the body shape correctly and result in developing pressure points. [Best Office Chair For Back Pain]
The height of the back has to be adjustable so that the lumbar area gets the exact level of support that is required for a perfect spine posture. Supplementing the overall height of the chair and its back, the height of the armrest also requires to be adjusted in a way that keeps the arms relaxed so that no pressure is exerted on the shoulder muscles and the back.
If a chair has the features that offer complete height adjustments for armrests, backrest, and seat height from the floor, then it could be the best one to eliminate the back pain issue.

Width and depth

Another feature that is necessary to be there is the proper width and depth of the chair. It is important because if the chair is too short to accommodate a person’s body in a comfortable manner, then there is no chance of getting proper support as well. Make sure that the chair is wide enough to support your body and gives a complete back to your back area. Also, a chair must have enough depth to cradle your body while sitting on it. [best office chair for back pain]
The best chair will be slightly inclined from the back toward the backrest, helping you sit in a straight posture and positions your back right adjacent to the lumbar support and the backrest. Most of the ergonomic chairs for back pain have this feature for sure.

Support Curves

Support curves are visibly the best feature to help out in back pain conditions. It is because the supportive bumps that you can observe in the lumbar support area of the chair as well as the neck region helps to cover the curved areas of the body. This feature helps to avoid extra strain on the muscles in that area.

Resist a Drooping Body Posture

Some of the best desk chairs for back pain are designed that they help a person to stay alert, comfortable as well as in a perfect posture and help to resist the drooping posture in an easy manner. Such chairs are best to be used when you have to stay in your seat for a long time and want to maintain a perfect body posture. [best office chair for back pain]
This feature is attained with the help of a curved backrest, a water wall style leg support in front, and a slight inclination of the seat. These three points help you avoid a drooping posture and in turn avoid back pain.

Cover and Cushioning

The cover, as well as the cushioning on a chair, are the features that need your attention, in case you need to choose from the best office chairs for back pain. Padded armrests, heavy padding on the seat and in the lumbar area gives a comfortable seating option for the person who needs a pain free back. In case you need to have a mesh chair, you can look for a soft mesh fabric that covers the back and the seat to help you stay sweat-free and still get the proper support for your body.
Here are a few suggestions for back pain sufferers or the ones who want to stay free from back pain and bodily issues while working for many hours and sitting in an office chair.

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller
As said earlier you will need an adjustable chair with sufficient width to accommodate your body. This one comes in 3 sizes referred to as
  • A (small-sized),
  • B (medium-sized) and
  • C (large-sized).
The most preferable one is Size C  as it will be a great fit for most of the users. It has got a completely adjustable armrest, and a curved backrest to ensure your back remains in the best posture and the shoulder area will have no pressure exertion, no matter for how long you have to sit and work. The tilt limiting feature makes it even more comfortable to adjust your positioning in an easy way. [best office chair for back pain]
The armrests have sufficient padding, while the chair is covered by a soft and breathable mesh cover to keep you stay sweat-free and relaxed. The overall structure is sturdy and has a stable balance through quality wheel casters. The chair has got a 12-year factory-backed warranty, ensuring you can buy it and use it without any worries.

About This Item

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE TO YOUR HERMAN MILLER AERON – The H3 ENjoy is our standard size headrest designed to provide you with the neck support the Aeron Chairs are missing. The H3 continues to be our most popular model, comfortably fitting all users under 5’11”. This product is the HEADREST ONLY does not include a chair.
  • CARBON COLOR – Perfectly matches your Classic Herman Miller Aeron Chairs with complementary Carbon Mesh. Patented design fits All Classic Herman Miller Aeron Chair models and configurations. [MATCHES CLASSIC AERON CHAIR MODELS YEAR 2016 OR NEWER]
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE AND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY – Our headrests are ergonomically designed to offer you the support you need to straighten up and be able to remain comfortable, aligned, and focused throughout the day – minimizing back and neck pain while increasing productivity.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR COMF0RT- The different adjustment options allow you to customize your experience. With ergonomics at the forefront of our design, the headrest adjustments are intended to be free-flowing and to flex with your body’s position in order to preserve an ideal body posture. The adjustments which are free-moving are the tilt and the vertical movement while the forward and backward adjustments can be locked to your best comfort.

Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Office Chair

Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Office Chair
Serta Health and fitness offers a stylish chair that promises complete lumbar and back support along with an adjustable armrest to help you stay relaxed while getting sufficient support to all your body muscles. This one is best if you need to buy a leather-covered chair with a heavily padded back and seat area.
It has been designed to give the user a soft and comfortable seating platform with extra padding in the lumbar area and the shoulder region of the backrest. In addition to this, the seat has got curved padding in the front to make sure your legs stay comfortable and the seat has sufficient depth to keep your body adjacent to the backrest
The base is made of sturdy metal and stable wheel caster that are able to move easily for easy movement in different directions. The button push height adjustment and positioning of the chair offers a complete ergonomic structure to sit comfortably with no pain issues in the body.

About This Item

  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: Ergonomic office chair maximizes lower back support and comfort while seated.
  • BACK IN MOTION TECHNOLOGY: Tilts the seat forward to promote strength and flexibility in your core.
  • PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Push-button adjustable armrests and convenient cable-actuated levers.
  • GREAT FOR WORK OR PLAY: Helps keep you comfortable and relaxed whether you’re working or kicking back.
  • VERSATILE AND MOBILE: Adjustable height settings, convenient swivel design, and large-diameter rolling casters.

Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair
Adjustability is the key to enjoy comfortable seating. The chair that has no adjustment options, may not be a good fit for people who have back pain issues. This one by Ergohuman offers adjustment options that anyone may need to sit comfortably in an office chair. The chair has a synchro-tilt mechanism ensuring an auto-adjust function to make sure the height, tilt, and depth of the seat get adjusted, as you need.
This feature helps you to adjust the chair according to the body posture and supports the spine in its natural form and shape, lowering the risk of back pain.
The headrest can be adjusted up an low to help you support the head area, while the backrest is also adjustable to support the lumbar area in a perfect manner. The seat tilts and the depth can be adjusted to the required level. The armrests are also easy to adjust for their height and width.
The curved cushioned seat and mesh fabric back give easy seating for the user. The chair provides excellent features and helps people adjust to the height of the chair according to their body posture. Due to easy adjustments and body posture synchronization, you can easily avoid back pain and other bodily issues, that may arise due to prolonged sitting and working for hours.

About This Item

  • Tilt tension control, tilt lock, synchro-tilt.
  • Seat & back height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, arm height adjustment.
  • Headrest, pivoting arms.
  • Green guard certified.


Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
In case you need a soft padded chair that offers a comfortable seat and has an ability to support body curves and helps you avoid back pain, this one is the best one for you. The reason we have chosen this one is that the chair has heavy padding and curved support areas in the lumbar region and the waterfall seat front makes sure you can avoid developing pressure points in these areas. [best office chair for back pain]
The armrests are also padded and provide well-balanced support to your arms without exerting any extra pressure on your shoulders. The backrest of the chair has the best structure to support the back area so that the spine will remain in its natural posture and there will be no pressure from any region.
The soft padding and localized curved support, provide the body with the best form and posture that reduces the risk of back pain and issues in the leg region.

About This Item

  • NTR- No tools required for assembly; Comes standard with a knee-tilt mechanism.
  • Beautifully upholstered with LeatherPlus (leather that is polyurethane infused for added softness and durability).
  • Waterfall seat design eliminates leg fatigue; Ergonomic back design with lumbar support.
  • Upright locking position; Adjustable tilt tension.


Finally, if you have got to fight back with all the pain arousing circumstances while working and sitting on a chair, you must be looking out to get a chair that has sufficient adjustable features regarding its height and body positioning and also has lumbar and back support, comfortable seat and armrests to make sure you don’t face any pressure on any of your body parts. [best office chair for back pain]
While we have given you a detailed overview of what you need to look at while choosing the best office chair for back pain, we are sure you are now able to avoid future issues and pain in your muscles no matter how long you have to work on a daily basis.

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