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High Chairs are specially designed to feed older babies and younger toddlers with ease. As the name says high chair has fair distance from ground so an adult person can easily feed by spoon without bending the body. The best high chair has seat belts for extra safety to the child and also has plate mounted near to arms to put bowl & tray with food. However, with the great number of makes, models, and styles of baby chairs available these days, purchasing this simple piece of baby gear has turned into a stumbling point for many new parents.
There are many things to consider when looking to buy a chair for your baby. Look at the following aspects of the chair you are considering before making a purchase: safety, age range, size, adjustability, ease of cleaning, and other additional features.
Of most importance, is that of safety. Has this baby chair ever been recalled? If so, for what reason? And did the company correct the problem and/or make improvements? Does it seem sturdy? These questions may be obvious to some, but they’re currently are no safety guidelines that high chair makers are required to follow, so it is really up to the customer to do their research.
Best High chairs that have passed voluntary safety regulations will display the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) logo, so this is a good place to start.
These regulations include having a crotch post to prevent babies from slipping under the feeding tray, a locking device to prevent accidental folding of the chair, and stable legs to prevent tipping, just to name a few. It is recommended that the crotch post be a fixed structure on the chair itself and not attached to the tray, as this will prevent accidental falls regardless of if the tray is in place or not.
Consider also the age range the best high chair accommodates. If you are looking for the best high chair that will suit your baby, but the chair you are considering does not recline, then keep looking. Many baby chairs these days recline to allow even an infant to safely and comfortably sit with the rest of the family at the dinner table. Some chairs are made to convert into a booster seat and then even into a regular chair sturdy enough for an adult! As you will get the most mileage out of these types of chairs, you will also most likely pay the most money for them.
Best High Chairs Of 2020
If size, or lack thereof, is of importance to you, make sure your baby’s high chair can either collapse to be stowed away or is not too big and bulky, to begin with. The best high chairs may not seem big in the store when you’re looking at rows and rows of them together, but get it home and it may seem to consume your kitchen! This will be a long-standing fixture in your house, so make sure it’s the one you want.
Next on the list of considerations are adjustability, ease of cleaning, and any other additional features you may or may not want. Adjustability is important if you are looking for the best high chair that will seat an infant and therefore needs to adequately recline. This feature may also be of interest to you if you are looking for a chair that will raise or lower so that your little one will be at the same height as your table.
This generally is not a major factor in purchasing a high chair unless you plan on removing the tray, pushing the chair up to the table, and using it as a booster seat for your older toddler or preschooler.
Ease of cleaning (or lack thereof) is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider in the best high chair. This one piece of baby equipment will be subjected to spills, drips, stickiness, crumbs, and messes like you never imagined! Make sure you will be able to easily and thoroughly clean it after every use!
Although the pretty fabric chair may match your kitchen decor better, if it requires hand-washing and line-drying, opt for the chair with the vinyl seat cover that you can just wipe down without thinking twice!
Some of the best high chairs include other features that you may or may not want to consider, such as toys that attach to the tray. While some parents find this feature helpful in keeping their children occupied during mealtimes, other parents find it so distracting that their children don’t eat! Do what you think is right for your family.
There are several high chair manufacturers in the market which sell quality chairs. Out of them below 5 best high chairs, we have selected which gives high competition.
Browse all high chairs categories which are listed below to make your child and you happy while spoon-feeding.

Top 5 Best High Chairs

01. Stokke High Chair

Stokke High Chair
Stoke high chair is made for young kids. As the name suggests it is a high chair. Its seating is located at a higher level as compared to other normal chair’s seating level. Stoke high chair has a table that can be adjusted as per requirement. It even has a footstool which can be adjusted according to the kid’s height and weight. These are very useful for housewives who have to work all day. They can just make their babysit on the stoke high chair-give him/her food to eat, toys to play or some book to read and continue doing their household chores. [best high chair]


02. Svan High Chair

Svan High Chair
The svan high chair is for toddlers. This is considered to be one of the best chairs for growing kids to date. It grows with the kid and only provides benefit to your Childs posture. This chair is adjustable and comfortable for your growing child. Svan high chair also has an optional cushion that you can add to make your baby’s sitting comfier while he eats or plays. This chair is easy to clean and is environment friendly.
As it is wooden it looks good in your living room, kitchen and takes very less amount of space. It is the adjustable-its height that can be adjusted according to your Childs height and weight, according to his legs. This chair is comfortable-and also has optional cushions that you can use if you tend to use it.[best high chair]
This chair will last long-it is durable as it is made of wood and not plastic. Your child will find it very comfortable and would enjoy sitting on this high chair. This chair comes with washable and removable cushions and trays. A svan high chair can be placed anywhere you want as it occupies less room space. Svan high chairs are light in weight and easy to carry around.


03. Evenflo High Chair

Evenflo High Chair
High Chairs from Evenflo have unique features like lightweight, slim fold, dishwasher safe tray, and multicolor availability. Evenflo high chair has created a secure place in top high chair manufacturers by supplying top quality chairs for toddlers and older babies for easy spoon-feeding. Evenflo high chair comes with soft fabric cushion which gives smooth sitting to the child.
Evenflo high chair is durable and easy to clean yet sleek. It is very easy to adjust the position of the baby during feeding. You can easily adjust it in many ways like 3 Position Recline, 6 Height Adjustments & 4 Tray Positions. Evenflo high chairs are handy & convenient and can be used with children weighing up to 40 pounds.[best high chair]


04. Cosco High Chair

Cosco High Chair
The name Cosco high chair comes with Cosco Juvenile brand which is a well-known company for baby products like high chairs, play yards, swings, car seats, strollers, and walkers. Cosco high chair is also known as a flat fold high chair because it has a foldable design and lightweight. It has easy to clean and 3 positions adjustable tray. It has a built-in cup holder and footrest. Due to its lightweight, it is a very popular travel high chair. Cosco high chair is cheap even it has many mind-blowing features.[best high chair]


05. Anka High Chair

Anka High Chair
The Anka high chair is a Swedish product by Svan which was developed under the collaboration of Scandinavian child and Svan products. Anka high chair has inherited Svan’s innovative style, safety, and design. Anka high chair comes with attractive cushions that have features like easy to wipe clean, easy to remove, comfortable, machine washable yet environment-friendly material. [best high chair]

Keep The Safety Tips While Your Baby In The Best High Chair

Always keep the safety tips on this guide in mind. It should have a waist strap and a strap that runs between the legs. If it does not have adequate safety straps, contact the manufacturer soon for replacement. Buckle the baby into his chair using both the waist strap and the strap that runs between his legs. For a folding chair, make sure the locking device is locked each time you set it up.
The locking mechanism on a chair that folds must be locked in place before you place your baby inside. The high chair should have a post between his legs to prevent him from slipping down and becoming trapped under the tray. If you currently have an old model or if you receive the chair as a gift, make sure it is safe for your baby.
Keep an eye on your baby while she is in the high chair. Do not let the older kids stand near the chair while the baby is sitting in it, to prevent them from pushing it over. Keep it far enough away from a table, wall, or another surface so that your little one can not use them to push off. Never allow the kids to play around, and climb into it, or hang onto the high chair.
Do not let a baby stand up in a high chair. Always keep your eyes from the chair, especially if the baby has shown an ability to unfasten safety straps.

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